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Guitar Lessons

Community Church of Sandy
To sign up for free group guitar lessons contact Community Church of Sandy.  (503)668-4543 or (503)244-6904
Read & strum a four chord song
Learn Pick up notes & Strum pattern
Start alternate picking & C Major Scale
Palm muting, Ties & Dotted Quarter Notes
Let Ring & Feather Picking
Triplets & Dotted Eighth Notes

12 Bar Blues Part 2, E blues Scale &

minor Penatonic Scale

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Community Church

of Sandy

12 Bar Blues Part 1, getting in the groove & Chords
C major diatonic scale, triads and 7th chords, intervals
Circle of 5ths and key signatures

Cinco De Mayo fiesta @ Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

May 3rd


A Cara O Cruz Band 

A minor scale, Andalusian cadence
Every Sunday at 12pm
Free Guitar Lessons